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Grilled Zucchini with Rosemary Risotto & Balsamic Reduction

8 Aug

Late night blogging! I’m much too good at procrastinating. I’m currently lounging on our couch, half-watching the movie Sideways and listening to our ice cream maker churn some coconut milk ice cream. Delightful Monday night, no? Since I get off work so late on Mondays and Wednesdays, I always feel so crunched for time when making dinner, so I try to just whip things up quickly (or if all else fails, LEFTOVERS!)

Tonight’s dinner involved a little to much slaving over a hot stove, but was quite worth it. Arborio rice turned into creamy risotto is one of my favorite sides. I made this with some vegetable stock, cooking sherry (very important!) and rosemary stirred in at the end. A patron at the library came in and gave us a large stash of her homegrown zucchini squash, so I cut them in diagonal, 1/2″ slices, tossed in canola oil + salt + pepper and grilled them for a few minutes each side. Finally, the balsamic reduction. I must admit, I adore balsamic vinegar and always try to find a way to work it into a dish. I’ve never actually made a reduction, but it was easy enough. The only problem? I reduced mine too much! It turned into the texture of taffy. Tasty tasty balsamic taffy. Ah well, live and learn! The reduction was just some balsamic vinegar + maple syrup + onion powder + garlic powder + salt/pepper over medium heat for like 20 minutes. So many sweet, tangy flavors mixed into one dish. Now to find other things to make a balsamic reduction for…

I wandered into the thrift store about two blocks away from I work today and really had to use all my self-control to not buy more Pyrex dishes. I found a bunch of mixing bowls in various patterns (Homestead, Old Orchard and Snowflake patterns). I’m hoping they will still be there on a 50% off day! 🙂

Oooh, I think it might be time to stir the chocolate chips in to the ice cream…yum!